From Rockford Teaparty 2/25/2016
As suspected Illinois’ Representative to the US Senate Mark Kirk wants the US Senate to hold hearings for Obama’s Supreme Court Appointment and he wants that appointment approved and will vote to approve it.  Appointing Obama’s pick will finalize the nature of the Supreme Court as an Activist Court that is out to change the way we live our lives in America.
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The court is currently made up of four activist liberal judges, two moderate judge and two conservative judges. This make up has threatened to unravel Constitutional Protections for the past 20 years from the right to own firearms to the ability of organizations and individuals to participate in free speech.
The power of the Supreme Court is that it doesn’t require the Constitutional legislative process to make laws and can rely on something called a Precedent which subsequently is accepted legally across the nation as defined law. This has brought our nation to a precipice over the last 50 years politically because of the ability of the Politically Motivated Courts to bypass the Constitutionally mandated method of creating laws. Laws are generally no longer fought over in Congress.
They are allowed to be manipulated by this 9 Justice Supreme Court. Thus the heavy emphasis in America on “Laws” and “Political Lawsuits.” Mark Kirk is up for election on March 15th and for him to be the Republican nominee for Illinois to the US Senate would mean that the each on of our votes is a referendum on this. If he is re-elected he has a mandate to vote for Obama’s Nominee to the Supreme Court fro his constituents. Its up to us to say no.
The question is: will you step forward to say no at the voting booth? If you will please reply to this email and tell me that you want to help elect Kirk’s opponent James Marter to the US Senate, and I will organize a group of us to go door to door with some materials to get out the vote prior to the March 15th Primary.