Looks to Enhance Services and Safety for the Community
On Election Day, March 15, the Fire District will ask the residents for a 9-cent temporary increase in their Fire Service Fees.
What is needed are larger items that are not able to be funded by our current budget.  The Fire District continues to complete smaller repairs in an ongoing repair schedule.  The two stations were built in 1978 (38 Years Ago) and the Fire District has kept preventative and replacement maintenance at the highest possible point.  As the current equalized assessed value (EAV) of property has declined over the years so has the ability to continue some of these repairs.  Replacement, repair, and maintenance schedules have been extended because of budget money.  As we continue to budget (live) within our means items are still aging and many times parts are not available or difficult to find.  Items on the continued maintenance and replacement schedules:

  • Energy efficient environmental heating systems (HVAC).
  • Insulated overhead doors, 15 of the 17.
  • Replace original distressed windows to energy efficient windows.
  • Station emergency power generators.
  • Brick wall tuck pointing both stations.
  • New flat roofs both stations within 5 years.
  • Replace front of stations cracked and sinking concrete apparatus pads.
  • New Ambulance and Advanced Life Support Equipment (ALS).
  • A new water tanker to replace the 1984 current unit (32 years old).

The last referendum received for the Northwest Homer Fire District was in 1980, which was 35 years ago.
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