I officially endorse James Marter for Illinois Senate. I am disgusted with the voting record of Mr. Kirk who is really in my opinion is more like a Liberal Democrat who is contrary to the concept of less Government, Taxes, and Regulations. He believes Obama should be allowed to put a new Supreme Court Judge on the bench without any fight. He votes with the Democrats on most everything except defense. Mark Kirk is a garbage politician that needs to be thrown out.

James Marter is the true Republican Candidate!!!!!   James represents the Conservative Principals that make the Republican party different from the Democrats who have now publicly bought into Socialism. James believes in a limited Government with less taxes and regulations. James would vote to prosecute Planned Parenthood for selling aborted and live baby parts as shown on the video’s. James would make sure his votes were for a strong defense. James would defend the Constitution as it was written. James Marter would not endorse Dick Durbin or give in to the progressive Democrat concept of a socialist U.S. James believes in the importance of our right to bear arms.

Despite being the far better Candidate, James Marter needs support with money to get his message out. Kirk is afraid to debate him. The media is not talking about him since the media is a socialist Democrat operation for the most part. Any donation will help in these last few weeks before the election ends. More important, VOTE .

Steve Balich Will County Board


Republican Organization ENDORSEMENT Votes

Niles Township Regular Republican Organization – James Marter  (Winner) Endorsement
Palatine Township Republican Organization – James Marter  (Winner) Endorsement
Fremont Township Republicans – James Marter  (Winner) Endorsement
Marshall County Republican Central Committee – James Marter  (Winner) Endorsement
Winfield Township Republican Party – James Marter  (Winner) Endorsement
Frankfort Township Republican Organization – James Marter  (Winner) Endorsement
Republicans of Wheeling Township  – No Endorsement 60% required
James Marter       58.5%  (Winner)
Mark Steven Kirk  41.5%.
Downer’s Grove Republican Party – No Endorsement 75% required
James Marter       50%     (Winner)
Mark Steven Kirk  49%.
Orland and Palos Township Republicans – No Endorsement 60% required
James Marter       51.1%  (Winner)
Mark Steven Kirk  48.9%.
Libertyville Township Republicans – No Endorsement 60% required
James Marter  47% (Winner)
Mark Kirk 45%

ENDORSEMENT by PAC and Elected Officials

  • Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran (Dec. 15, 2015)
  • Lake County ProLife PAC – Bonnie Quirke
  • Congressman Trent Franks (R-Arizona)
  • Jersey County Republicans Chairman Floyd Alexander
  • Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund (TPPCF) –  Chairman Jenny Beth Martin
  • Wauconda Township Republican Chairman Robert Cook
  • Illinois Federation for Right to Life PAC
  • Chicago’s 11th Ward GOP – Carl Segvich
  • Illinois Family Action
  • Illinois Citizens for Life, Federal PAC – Ralph Rivera Chairman
  • Tax Accountability – Jared Labell
  • Americans for Legal Immigration PAC
  • Knox County Tea Party Chairman Patrick Harlan, also candidate for the US House 17th Congressional District
  • Knox County Board member Dick Conklin
  • Steve Balich Will County Board