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Homer Junior High School Principal Troy Mitchell (far right) is proud of the three names students came up with for the Village of Homer Glen’s new park along 151st Street. Their three suggestions — Harmony Park, Veteran’s Park and Oliveri Freedom Park — are being considered by the village’s Parks and Recreation Committee.
For Immediate Release:
March 2, 2016
Homer Junior High students answer challenge to rename Woodbine Golf Course
Homer Junior High School students had a good time thinking up possible names for the Village of Homer Glen’s new park along 151st Street.
The site, formerly known as Woodbine Golf Course, was purchased out of foreclosure in December 2013. Village officials plan to redevelop the 103-acre site and open it to the community for passive recreation uses. The old clubhouse will be used as Village Hall.
Students from Homer Junior High and Oak Prairie Junior High were invited to join a community contest to rename the park by submitting suggestions to the Village of Homer Glen’s Parks and Recreation Committee.
Each school was asked to submit three names to the Parks and Recreation Committee by March 1.
Homer Junior High School students came up with 150 suggestions, which a committee of teachers reviewed and narrowed down to 12. From there, the entire faculty and staff were asked to vote for their top three favorites.
The top three names sent on to the village for consideration were:

  • Harmony Park — because it reflects the village’s slogan of “Community and Nature … in Harmony”
  • Veteran’s Park — to honor those who have served and who are currently serving our country
  • Oliveri Freedom Park — to honor Army Pfc. Michael C. Oliveri, a Homer Glen native, who died serving his country in 2011

“I am so impressed by the number student entries, along with the detailed reasons for the suggestions they came up with,” said Homer Junior High Principal Troy Mitchell. “They recognized the enormity of this assignment and put a lot of thought into naming the new park. We appreciate the Village of Homer Glen and its Parks and Recreation Committee for including us in this process.”
The students’ suggestions have been passed on to the village’s Parks and Recreation Committee for consideration. The Village Board is expected to select a name by the end of April.