A bloodless coup


March 3, 2016


Exercise your right to vote.

As Donald Trump steamrolled through the Super Tuesday primary it became so apparent that the Republican establishment (GOPe) cares only about party and power and not about the people that even the most brain dead Republican voter had to see it.
The GOPe thinks party first, corporate paymasters second and voters last, if at all. That’s why so many of them can’t figure out the Trump phenomenon. South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy thinks Republican voters are just having a “temper tantrum” and that it’ll end soon “for the good of the party.” Establishment types, from Senator Marco Rubio to Senator Mitch McConnell to Mitt Romneywhine and wail that Trump is “destroying the party.”
If he is, Trump supporters say “good riddance.” They couldn’t care less about “good of the party.”
The Trumpster is a creation of the GOPe. Republican voters had their “temper tantrums” in 2010, 2012 and 2014 where they rose up against Obamacare and bailouts, formed grass roots Tea Parties across the fruited plain, and increased the Republican rolls in congress and in state houses more each year. They did this only to see the so-called “conservatives” they sent to the District of Criminals (and sometimes to their own state capitols) betray them with  less than half-hearted stabs at repealing Obamacare and by passing bloated spending bills, continuing to ignore (and often advocate for) Obama’s efforts to legalize illegal alien invaders, bringing in more foreigners to displace American STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) workers via H-1B visas and making bad trade deals. (Update: During the GOP debate Thursday night, Trump flip-flopped on H-1B visas and said more foreign tech workers are needed. This is no doubt the first of many betrayals Trump voters will see.)
Trump voters – and some Ted Cruz and Ben Carson voters —  are essentially telling politicians to take a powder. And that includes all politicians. They have no more use for the lying, conniving, double-dealing, sociopathic political class. The torch- and pitchfork-carrying hoi polli are on they way, and they want to dismantle the District of Criminals plank by plank.
The people are sick of politicians trying to “remake” America into a Third-World hellhole where illegals take jobs at slave wages and qualify for all manner of welfare. They are sick of “free trade” deals that incentivizes transnational corporations to send manufacturing jobs to other countries and put American manufacturers at a disadvantage. They are sick politicians who give free hand to federal alphabet soup regulatory agencies to regulate American companies out of business and send armed and militarized  LEOs (legally entitled to oppress) on the people for raising “unapproved” rabbits and hogs, selling fresh milk and vegetables and digging trenches and ponds on their own property.
Meanwhile, the GOPe are showing their disdain for the people by vowing to ignore their will and 1) engage in shenanigans at the convention to strip Trump of the nomination; or 2) fund a milquetoast loser like Mittens in a third-party challenge (that will assure the election of the Witch from Chappaqua); or 3) outright vote for the most corrupt woman in the history of politics over the nominee from their own party if it’s Trump. And Rubio has vowed to continue his campaign through the convention (so he can be anointed on behalf of the New World Order crowd) in order to deny Trump the nomination.
Some pundits and politicians are lamenting that Republican Party is dying. Super Tuesday showed the Republican Party, as the elite understand it, is dead already. The GOPe killed it with its own hubris and criminality. The voters, tired of being ignored and played for fools, have revolted. Two thirds or more of Republican votes thus far have been cast for the non-establishment candidate.
The Republican Party of Bush the lesser, Romney, John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Paul Ryan is being repudiated — and dismantled — before our eyes.
Trump voters are remaking the party from the ground up. They don’t care about Trump’s policies beyond he’s going to “build a wall,” “make good trade deals,” “deport illegals,” “cut back on immigration” and “make America great again.” They figure there is nothing the Trumpster can do that’s worse than what political class has been doing to them for years.
This is — so far — a bloodless coup.