Here’s the ugly truth: Mitt Romney would rather Hillary Clinton be President than Donald Trump. In fact, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and the rest of the GOP Establishment would prefer Hillary becomes President over Trump.

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This is why Romney did what he did last week calling Trump a dangerous fraud who would abuse women and ruin the country. It’s why Rubio was told to call Trump a racist and a con man. Both men knew what they were doing. They handed Hillary campaign commercials on a platter because the Establishment believes that Trump will probably win the nomination, but they want him dirtied up for the race against Hillary. Romney isn’t stupid. He knows that what he said about Trump will only help Trump during the Primary and help Hillary during the General.
Why would the GOP Establishment prefer Hillary over Trump? Where to start…well, in many ways, the GOP Establishment & the Democrat Establishment are one and the same. It’s the same club. Hillary is part of that club, Trump isn’t. Trump’s not one of them and they want one of their people elected who they can control. That’s Hillary, it’s not Trump. Trump scares them, he can’t be controlled, and he might actually do things they don’t want like build a wall. The Establishment would rather Hillary wins, they’ll work with her for four years , and then put up one of their candidates.
If Trump loses, he and all his crazy supporters (crazy, in the Establishment’s eyes) go away, never to crash their party again. A Trump loss will validate that you have to be part of their club to win. Trump winning is a much bigger threat to the Establishment than Hillary winning.
Yes it’s true, and it should scare you. Romney did what he did this week not to stop Trump’s march to the nomination, but to help get Hillary elected. Rubio is saying what he is saying to help get Hillary elected. The whole “stop Trump” move by the Establishment is not to deny Trump the nomination. They know it’s too late for that. It’s a movement to help get Hillary elected this Fall.
This should show you, once and for all, that our Party Establishment does not represent us. Not at all. Not even close. Which is why the Party is breaking up. Which is why “we the people” are rebelling. Which is why something new is coming.