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Boycott all gasoline stations in Homer Glen. Rookie Mayor George Yukich and Homer Glen trustees approved a village gasoline tax of 3 cents a gallon, effective March 1, to pay for a park that Homer doesn’t need. By boycotting gas stations, we’re going to send a crystal-clear message to the mayor and his trustees that their future in office is going to be short. One term and you’re out. The next mayor should sell Woodbine Golf Course and use that money to help lower property taxes. We don’t need another park. They’re just hangouts for kids to do alcohol and drugs. We need to go to gas stations outside Homer Glen. Then the mayor will understand who’s running the village.
More about people not grasping the concept of no texting while driving: Texting is not that important if your life is at stake. Whoever invented texting really screwed up this world because people walking down the street pay more attention to their flippin’ phones than what they’re doing. When they’re walking or in the store, they don’t pay attention. Also, driving cops need to start paying attention, and somebody needs to devise an app that will disable a phone. Then all these people who are so addicted to texting every five seconds are going to be sorry because that app is going to deter them from texting.
This feud between the FBI and Apple is a no-brainer. The San Bernardino County Department of Public Health, owner of the iPhone used by San Bernardino, Calif. shooter Syed Rizwan Farook, should ask Apple to get into the phone. It is their phone. Why not? It so happens that the county owns this phone, so there should be no problem at all.
Ray, Midlothian
We’ve got enough crybabies throughout Chicagoland. Then Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton comes in and calls for police reform. She should go back to New York by herself. She’s losing the battle.
Here’s a way to deal with Illinois’ unfunded pension liability of $111 billion: How about every politician that’s been in Springfield for the last 40 years forfeit their pension 100 percent? That would put a good dent in this pension mess. We’re paying these clowns for nothing. They’re ripping us, the taxpayers and the voters, off. They’ve been doing this for years. Forfeit all their pensions. They did it. They took the money. They stole it.
RC, Oak Lawn
It was the stupidest thing in the world when Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump attacked Pope Francis after the pope questioned Trump’s Christianity because he wants to build a wall along the Mexican border. That makes about 1 billion Catholics in the world against Trump. Criticizing the pope is the most stupid thing in the world. The pope is leader of all the Catholic countries. Trump’s attacking the wrong person. I can’t see him attacking the pope. The pope is infallible. Trump should get that straight. Are there any Christians debating against him? He should lose. Trump should lose. I’ll vote for anybody else but him. I believe in the pope. That’s all there is to it.
If I remember correctly, when the gasoline was costing $4-plus a gallon and the oil industry was making billions of dollars in profits, I didn’t see much sympathy for us drivers on what we had to pay and what it was costing people to drive to work every week. But now that the oil industry is coming down because we have more oil than we need, there are all kinds of sympathy for these corporations. It just doesn’t make much sense to me.
I saw on TV where some high-class hotels are having room service by robot. You call down to the desk. You tell them what you want. You tell them what your room number is. They fill the order and then send the robot up to your room. What’s nice about it is you don’t have to tip him any money. However, if you do care to tip him, a quart of oil would be nice or a 15-minute charge from your electricity. That’s not a bad deal.
John, Bridgeport
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