By Steve Balich 3/16/2016
me Dec 2014
The Homer Township Property Tax Referendum passed by 87% of the vote demanding local Boards stop raising our property Taxes without asking taxpayers first with a Referendum. I want to thank all those who voted, helped get signatures, worked phone banking, and talked to their neighbors. A special thanks to Americans for Prosperity for taking this as one of their key issue based Referendums, the Walsh Freedom Group, The Homer Lockport Tea Party, and others that recognized the importance of getting this first Referendum of this type in the State of Illinois passed.
taxpayer sign
My name is Steve Balich. I have been advocating for elected officials to treat taxpayer money as it was their own for many years. I hear people on Boards say their tax increase is just a little money or people won’t mind because we are giving them something. They forget these Boards are giving you something using your money without asking you if you want it. In our Representative Democracy citizens are elected to represent “the people”. The “will” of the people was reinforced, clearly stating we people in Homer Township believe we should have a say in how much we are taxed. This is proven by passing this Referendum with 87% of the vote.
The express will of the people says each taxing body located partially or wholly within Homer Township be required to seek voter approval by referendum prior to increasing its annual total property tax. This includes: Homer Glen, City of Lockport, Township of Homer, Lockport H.S., Grade school Districts 33C and 92, Homer TWP. Library. These districts are either entirely of half in Homer Township and are affected most by the Referendum. As far as expanding it to the State, County, and Federal Government the message is sent but these districts have only a tiny part of Homer Township in their borders, making it loose some relevance.
This is an Advisory Referendum, meaning the taxing Bodies can ignore the express will of the people. It has consequences for elected officials, clearly putting them on notice as to what the citizen’s want. Names of those defying the express will of the people will be made Public in Newspapers and Social Media at the time of their vote and when they are up for election or appointment. The Facebook Page “Raise My Taxitis” (the contagious disease contracted by those on Boards who vote every year to raise taxes) has been set up for comments and Information.
The Government owns your home!!! Don’t pay your property Tax and you loose your property.


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