Today I spoke to N.W. Homer Fire Board. this Board followed what I asked with the Homer Township Property Tax Referendum. They asked the people with a referendum before raising taxes. The Fire dist. Referendum passed by a small amount. Regardless of your position they asked the people before raising our taxes.
This is what I expect from all the taxing Districts, yet know it probably won’t happen. I plan on going to all the different Boards in our area and tell them the consequence of defying the express will of the voters. Names of the Board members associated with voting for Property tax increases, will be exposed by writing letters to the Editor, Paying for Black Box adds, and spreading the word on social media at the time of the vote and when the person is up for election or appointment.
This Referendum passed by 87% telling Local Board we have had it with yearly tax increases. Check out “Raise My Taxitis” on Facebook