Once again Belgium and the world have seen the cowardly face of Islamic terror.  And once again, the people of Brussels were told to go home, lock their doors and hide in their home like rabbits in a hutch.  What if a terrorist did come to their door?  They are as defenseless as the rabbit.   In the meantime, the President issued platitudes from his seat while at a baseball game, in the terrorist nation of Cuba.  It really did not matter, as the President’s speeches are usually followed be decisive inaction.  There were calls for the President to come home, but he did not.  This time I agree with the President.  He can do nothing there as well as he can do nothing here.
In the meantime, you and I must prepare for our own defense, as well as defense for friends and loved ones.   One of the things we all must do is be sure to elect a Presidential candidate that will make sure the Second Amendment stays in place or we will all become like the rabbits in Europe.  Belgium is just a preview of coming attractions.
If you remember the last couple of weeks, I have been writing about the early morning hatchet attack at a Washington State 7-11.   More has come to light that teaches a few valuable lessons.  First, the entire episode lasted less than 15 seconds, beginning to end.  For a long time, I have been preaching the idea that only the victim or intended victims can stop the attack.  Even if there had been a policeman in the parking lot, he couldn’t have reacted in time.  Second, these people who attack us are professional criminals.  Poncho Blacktongue, the attacker, certainly fit that description.  Because you are up against “professionals” is why you must train, not only to shoot accurately, but to be ready mentally if something does happen.   The third thing is that some people poo-poo the old fashioned revolver.  Our armed citizen carried a S & W 340 .357 loaded with Speer Gold Dots which worked quite well.  When the police arrived, they reviewed the security video twice and told our armed citizen he was free to go.  He was offered counseling but refused it.
Another Tuesday has passed and we are inching ever closer to the conventions.  The next major primary is in Wisconsin, which will be on April 5th.  At the moment, Donald Trump is leading with 739 delegates followed be Cruz with 463.  The magic number for the republicans is 1237.   Hillary has 1214 delegates compared to Sanders 911.  The Democrat magic number is 2383.
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