The “Money Changers” are Alive and Prospering in 2016 America. Watch Heist – Who done it on the Economy for the Who, What, When, How and Why!
See how corporate over-reach orchestrated the dismantling of middle-class prosperity through rampant deregulation, the outsourcing of jobs, tax policies favoring businesses/wealthy and money in politics.
Heist: A Who Done It On The Economy? is the 28 minute documentary the Establishment don’t want you and your friends to see before voting in the upcoming primaries/caucuses!
It traces the 2008 worldwide economic collapse to the August, 1971 Powell Memo, that called for a money-driven makeover of the U.S. government by big business through corporate control of the media, academia, the pulpit, arts and sciences and destruction of organized labor and consumer protection groups.
Powell Memo is the smoking gun of the class war dividing Americans, today.