Daily Dose of Chicago Corruption

2/23/16 – Circuit Court rules against city of Chicago affirming the city violated the due process rights of tens of thousands of motorists ticketed by the city’s red light cameras since 2003. Chicago taxpayers are now on the hook to pay tens of millions of dollars in refunds to victims. – Chicago Sun Times.
2/24/16 – Chicago Inspector General investigating possible violations of the law by the city’s longest-serving Alderman and the man running Chicago’s $100 million per year workman’s comp fund in secret. – Chicago Sun Times.
2/26/16 – The Chicago Skyway interstate toll has been sold for $2.8 billion to Canadian investors, or $1 billion more than the Chicago City Council sold it for a decade ago for pennies on the dollar. – Chicago Sun Times.
2/28/16 – A friend of the US President and the nephew of the former Chicago Mayor have lost $68 million from a government employee pension fund they were managing. – Chicago Sun Times.
2/28/16 – The Cook County Board President’s former Chief of Staff, the party endorsed candidate for Cook County State’s Attorney, is fined $19,000 by the Illinois Board of Elections for violating campaign finance laws concerning a secret $25,000 donation from the Cook County Board President. – Chicago Sun Times.
3/1/16 – Chicago Teachers Union threatens to go on strike if taxpayers don’t continue to pay the teachers’ own pension contributions that are typically made by the employees, not the taxpayers. – Chicago Sun Times.
3/1/16 – A picture showing suburban Cicero’s Police Chief celebrating with 2 convicted felons is mysteriously removed from the internet after it is discovered by local media. – Chicago Sun Times.
3/2/16 – State Board of Education announces it is investigating the finances of one Chicago school district. – The Herald News.
3/3/16 – The Illinois Secretary of State has collected $2.7 million in fines from 136,101 unsuspecting motorists after the state stopped telling citizens when their automobile license tax is due. – Chicago Sun Times.
3/3/16 – Chicago Police officer is sentenced to 2 years in prison for beating a store clerk. The officer claimed he was attacked by the clerk, but video footage clearly showed it was an unprovoked attack by the officer. – Chicago Sun Times.
3/4/16 – The FBI announced it is investigating a double-murder by a Chicago police officer who claimed he was defending himself, but accidentally killed an innocent neighbor by mistake. – Chicago Sun Times.
3/5/16 – Cook County sues the state of Illinois for failure to reimburse county agencies. – Chicago Sun Times.
3/6/16 – The just-retired Superintendent of a Chicago school district under investigation for its finances is collecting a $312,000 per year pension compliment of taxpayers. – Daily Southtown.
3/7/16 – US Attorney’s office subpoenas suburban Cicero’s records to investigate $890,000 in payments to the daughter of Cicero’s town Trustee. – Better Government Association.
3/8/16 – The candidate challenging an incumbent Chicago State Representative and the challenger’s girlfriend were beaten by a supporter of the Alderman, were hit over the head with a bottle and had a staple gun shot into his forehead. – ABC 7 News.
3/10/16 – The wife of a suburban police officer who recently committed suicide is charged with conspiracy to commit fraud. – Daily Herald.
3/11/16 – City of Chicago sues its former Chicago Public Schools CEO for $65 million. The former CEO has already plead guilty in the bribery and kick-back scandal. – Chicago Sun Times.