Hillary’s Fear of Losing
Spurs More Outrageous Gun Control Lies
David A. Lombardo
I wish it had occurred to me from the very beginning of the presidential race to count the number of times Hillary Clinton lies about firearms and the Second Amendment. I wasn’t cynical enough at the time, and while I haven’t a clue what that number might be, one thing is for sure. If she were Pinocchio, right about now NASA would be considering her nose as a permanent bridge to the moon. To say Hildabeast lies about the role of firearms in American society would be like saying Babe Ruth played baseball or Neil Armstrong was a pilot.
It’s not difficult to imagine right about now Hillary Clinton is pretty paranoid, but as we often say, just because you’re paranoid, it doesn’t mean they’re not really out to get you. She’s a pathetic figure with Bernie Sanders, one of the most unlikely presidential candidates in memory, nipping at her heels every step along the campaign trail. What stunning irony it would be to be beaten in the primary by the only candidate in recent history more whacked out than the Hildabeast.
Then there’s an almost certain indictment about to be filed with regards to what clearly appears to be criminal mishandling of top secret email when she was Secretary of State, and there’s the billion dollars she misplaced while with the State Department. In fact there is a long litany of high crimes and misdemeanors the conservative faithful chant with increasing fervor in front of the altar of Democratic candidate sacrifice, not the least of which is her outright fabrication of alleged facts supporting gun control.
I’m sorry, did I say gun control? She long ago gave up that mantra and traded it in for the illegalization of firearms in the United States. Make no mistake: Hildabeast has said on the record she thinks the Second Amendment is outdated and that no one should possess a firearm, period. Clinton reassures John Q. Public that by eliminating firearms, you’ll all but eliminate murders and other violent crimes. The gun is, after all, what causes crime and violence, not the poor, downtrodden, socially-deviant miscreant looking for enough money for his next snort.
So every time there is a mass murder involving guns, Hildabeast pulls up an anti-gun point that would rival the best German Shorthair’s point in a pheasant farm. But John Q doesn’t live in the alternate universe where Hildabeast is the omnipotent supreme leader; John Q knows it’s yet another steaming pile of do-do.
A number of years ago the Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy published a piece titled, “Would Banning Firearms Reduce Murder and Suicide?” The authors of the study, which looked at firearm prevalence and violence in countries around the world, determined gun bans are ineffective because they do not affect the socio-cultural and economic factors that are the real determinants of violent crime rates. With Hildabeast feeling The Bern, she has constructed the foundation of a counter-attack against Sanders built upon an ever-increasing web of gun control deceit.
Recently, at a private soirée of New York Democratic legislators, lobbyists and supporters, according to Politico New York, she told them: “…many of the guns used by New York criminals come across the border from the Green Mountain State.”
She made that claim to contrast her position on guns with that of Vermont’s Senator Bernie Sanders. Politico’s Jimmy Vielkind wrote in the article, “With a reported claim like that, and with the blame being placed on what “progressives” refer to as “lax gun laws,” a fact check is in order. And to do that, we can consult ATF’s firearms trace data report for New York.”
Vielkind found that it’s true, Vermont is one of the top 15 states for firearms with a New York recovery coming in at #14 with 55 traces. New York itself, with draconian gun edicts, did just fine without the boost, easily taking the #1 slot with 1,397 traces. But he also looked at the time from which the firearm was originally sold by a retailer to when it was recovered by law enforcement in New York. He found a firearm purchased in Vermont took an average of 14.8 years to be confiscated in New York compared to a national average of 10.88 years.
And finally, there is the inconvenient truth of it all. Despite Vermont’s easy-going attitude toward gun purchasing and New York’s over-the-top gun control laws, there’s just no comparison between Vermont’s violent crime rate and that of New York. Yet again the Hildabeast simply makes up facts to fit her agenda, and if I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times: you’re entitled to your own opinion, but you’re simply not entitled to your own facts.