Politicians in Springfield celebrated Tax Day by introducing a rate schedule to accompany the constitutional amendment seeking to scrap our state’s flat income tax and replace it with a graduated, or progressive, one. This legislation would likely result in greater job loss and continual tax hikes by a General Assembly that seems to be unable to control its appetite for more tax dollars.This proposal would give Illinois the highest effective corporate tax rate in the nation, while greatly hiking taxes on job creators who file personally.
CLICK HERE and tell your legislators that you OPPOSE a graduated income tax!  

The four bracket rate schedule for a graduated income tax proposed today by Leader Lou Lang (D-Chicago) in HB 689 is merely the camel getting his nose in the tent. It asks the good people of Illinois to bless the notion of a graduated income tax, leaving the details of brackets and rates at the discretion of our chronically irresponsible Legislature.

Why should Illinoisans trust Springfield politicians enough to give them carte blanche ability to add brackets, increase the rates or lower the income threshold at which higher rates apply? It’s no accident a recent Gallup poll highlighted that a mere 25% of Illinoisans “are confident in their state government” – worse than any other state. Urge your legislators to oppose the graduated income tax!
Punishing job creators is not the answer to moving Illinois in the right direction, nor is removing legislative barriers that prevent continual tax hikes by a General Assembly that has an addiction to tax dollars. Please take a moment and send a message to your legislators telling them you OPPOSE the graduated income tax.
David W. From
Illinois State Director