Professor: Muslim migrants likely to spark Western civil wars


Mideast-Iraq-Syrian-Rrfugees-APHOIn today’s politically correct Western societies it may be a controversial notion, but a Danish professor is warning that sensitive Westerners are ignoring fundamental cultural and sociological differences between themselves and migrant populations at their own peril.
Professor Helmuth Nyborg is no stranger to controversy because his research seeks to prove that people from different biological backgrounds do indeed differ from one another— that notion, as you know, is antithetical to modern political correctness.

Because of the controversial nature of the material involved in his research, the professor has been all but blacklisted from academic circles since he retired from Aarhus University in 2007.
Nyborg argues that his research isn’t flawed— rather, he contends, liberal societies have gone out of their way to ignore the fundamentals behind his findings. In what he terms the “largest collective academic deceit of the 20th century” in a translation of his recent column in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten, Nyborg says that leftist behavioral scientists have hidden important evidence about the relationship between evolution and intelligence.
Nyborg argues that researchers should pay more attention to the controversial cold winters theory. The theory surmises that because European and Asian environments feature colder winters, the inhabitants of these regions historically faced greater challenges to survival than inhabitants of warmer environments.
During the prehistoric exodus from Africa, Nyborg writes, migrants who traveled to colder regions had to survive through some of the harshest climates and “and only the migrants with the largest brains, the highest intelligence and altruistic willingness to share scarce resources survived.”

From his writing: “This harsh selection theory explains … why northern peoples … average about 100 cubic centimeters larger brains and score 30 IQ points higher than equatorial peoples. It explains why democracy can only be developed in northern countries which have an average IQ of 90 and a high degree of altruism, which allows development of robust socio-economic infrastructure. It explains why many educated northerners have a relaxed attitude to religion, while the southern … nations need simple dogmatic text [and] close interpretations expounded by authoritative scribe. The heritability of religiosity is 35 per cent.”
Today, as European countries continue to admit masses of immigrants from the Middle East and North Africa, Nyborg argues that other researchers’ unwillingness to embrace the theory is going to cause big problems.
“The consequence has been that politicians do not recognize migrants’ very different biological characteristics,” he writes.
It isn’t that Nyborg views immigrants from these places as inferior beings unfit for Western society— but he contends that by failing to fully grasp the migrants’ differences, policymakers endanger Western cultural norms.
From his piece: “How will they defend an expected decline in the Danish standard of living? And what do they intend to do with the probability that the number of citizens with little training potential double by 2075? And how will they excuse the predictable surge in social pathology rates, including greatly increased crime and the growing parallel society in the ghettos?”
And as Western countries run out of resources to help the most disadvantaged members of their societies, Nyborg predicts that political unrest and violence will increase. He continues, noting that the new migrants— who are already entering the societies from a place of disadvantage because of unfamiliarity with cultural norms— are particularly likely to lash out against what they see as systems rigged against them.
“Almost none recognize that we have already installed an ever-growing potential subversive fifth column within the country,” he writes.
Nyborg predicts that it will soon become impossible to ignore the “nearly unstoppable erosion of the European countries, whose free, democratic welfare forms and passive civilization shortly torpedoed culturally, religiously and economically.”
And when that time comes, he writes, Westerners will have to choose between “submission, honorable repatriation or civil war.”