Dear fellow taxpayers and concerned Homer 33C parents:
What is happening to the schools we have loved and took pride in?
As a lifelong resident and Homer 33C parent I am disgusted and disappointed in  the newly hired administration at Homer 33C!   I don’t understand the need for all the highly paid positions. Public Relations at 75,000?? Homer 33c isn’t a private school that needs to seek out students.  A Benefits Coordinator??  Wouldn’t that money be better spent to benefit our students education?  I have concerns that a clerical, paraprofessional positions or even teaching staff are being cut!!
How will this impact my student’s education? How can our school board not see the effects of these decisions on our students??
We need an administration and school board that make responsible decision with our money and our children.
With great concern for the future of  financial stability of Homer 33c,
A Tax Payer of Homer Glen