We have learned that Gabby Gifford, her husband Mark Kelly, their anti-gun organization,  Americans for Responsible Solutions,  along with Michael Bloomberg’s front groups and money are about to make an assault on our gun rights here in Illinois.  Kelly’s gun grabbing group is pretty well healed themselves, having taken in over $21 million in 2014.
The assault on our gun rights is going to come between May 3rd and the end of session.  Kelly is a big Hillary Clinton supporter and promotes her stance on Australian style gun control.  Recently he has been telling everyone that Illinois gun dealers hire people without FOID Cards and are selling guns out the back door.  Kelly is like Hillary in that if they are ever in the same room as the truth, it was only an accident. We hear they are hiring lobbyists and drafting bills.  The bills will be amendments to existing bills, known as shell bills.  How this works is, they will take a bill such as HB1016, which has already passed out of Committee and is on Second Reading, strip out all the language after enacting a clause, then they will put entirely new language in the bill with an amendment; new language will become the bill.  All this can happen very fast.  We will all have to be on high alert and ready to contact our State Senators and Representatives.  We think HB1016 may be one of the new “Dealer Licensing” bills, designed to run federally licensed firearm dealers out of business.  Stay tuned for further updates.
The recent announcement replacing President Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill with a couple of American women is interesting.  I have always been a fan of “Old Hickory” because he knew exactly how to handle the enemies of the United States – he killed them.  I wonder how the General would handle things today.  But things change and Harriet Tubman will now be on the $20 bill.  Harriet Tubman was no shrinking violet.  Harriet was a conductor on the Underground Railroad who always carried her trusty cap and ball pistol.  She was also known to carry a rifle and helped Union Troops attack Confederate positions.  After the Civil War, Harriet downsized to a .22 revolver and carried it with her until the end of her days in 1913.  Eleanor Roosevelt is supposed to be on the back of the $20 bill. She had no Secret Service protection when she was alone.  Eleanor was no Hillary Clinton.  Wherever she went, she carried her trusty .38 special, whether in her purse or laying on the car seat beside her – no chauffer, no entourage, just Eleanor.  If she had Secret Service protection, the only purpose would be to administer first aid to those who attacked her.
With the sweep of the elections held on April 26th, it appears that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are on their way to being nominated for President, by their respective parties.  Senator Chuck Schumer is expected to lead Hillary’s anti-gun charge.  This is going to be a tough fight.  We will need all hands on deck for this one.
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