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It is a wonderful thing to be an AWAKENED AMERICAN !!!!
There is something that is so exiting that is happening …. Our Friend Steve Beaman has asked our Founder Carol Ann Parisi to be his Co-Host on THE STEVE BEAMAN SHOW Premiering on AM 560 WIND- The Answer this Sunday Evening at 8 PM
We ARE Awakened and know that there is something going on .. A Transition is here, Global Economics, Technological Changes at the Speed of Light and Social Values that are changing faster than any time in history…  THE STEVE BEAMAN SHOW is going to help guide us along at this fast changing time.. THE STEVE BEAMAN SHOW IS a show with PURPOSE!… To EMPOWER, To ENLIGHTEN, To EDUCATE and To ENTERTAIN.. THIS IS THE SHOW THAT OFFERS YOU A FRIEND, A MENTOR, A GUIDE IN THIS … THE MOST TRANSITIONAL TIME IN THE HISTORY OF THE HUMAN RACE!!! FRIENDS IT’S TIME … IT’S TIME FOR THE STEVE BEAMAN SHOW !
The American Dream Under Fire is a book that explores the foundations of America’s leadership in the world and looks for positive solutions that can put America back on track! The greatness of America derived from a belief that the individual operating freely would create the best world for themselves and their communities; now however, increasing government intrusion is whittling away at the very freedoms that created the nations greatness. From social welfare systems that create institutional poverty to education that promotes collectivism, the American dream is under attack from all sources. Lemonade stands are being closed by health departments, private property rights are violated by overzealous land regulators and risk and unknown outcomes are now becoming seen as bad words being replaced safety and equality. As Ben Franklin once said “Men who desire safety at the expense of liberty deserve neither.” This is a book all Americans need to read!
WHO IS STEVE BEAMAN???…About the Author
Steve Beaman is a thirty-year-old veteran of financial services most well known for selling his company Chicago Investment Analytics to Charles Schwab. He has authored over 400 articles on better living and the award winning Path-to-Prosperity Audio Library.
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PREMIERS THIS  Sunday at 8PM on AM 560- WIND-The Answer and Please feel free to  provide feedback to Carol Ann.. your feedback is appreciated!! You can message Carol Ann HERE… CAROL ANN PARISI


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