Tonia Khouri stands up to “Bully Bill” Foster
Tonia Khouri
Bill Foster, the Congressman in Illinois 11th District has a reputation of playing hardball. This time, however, “Bully Bill” took a staggering counter punch from his opponent, Tonia Khouri, at the opening bell of this campaign. Mrs. Khouri, a Dupage County Board member and local businesswoman is Fosters Republican opponent. After winning a hard fought primary, it is clear that Khouri has a lot of fight left to take on Congressman Foster.
Foster threw the first punch in this election campaign with an opening letter describing Khouri as a right wing extremist as well as  inflating her personal wealth to enable the use of the typical Washington D.C. class warfare rhetoric. The irony is Bill has done quite well financially in his own business life. Not that hypocrisy in Washington DC is uncommon. Within hours, Mrs. Khouri challanged his accusations, describing Foster as “Bully Bill.”
Khouri states that “the idea is to go to Washington and make it better, not bring its nastiness back to our home district.” She also reminds us that “Bill Foster is about pitting us against each other because that is what they do in Washington.” Foster vanquished his last two female opponants, Judy Biggert and Darlene Senger in the last two election cycles. However, this may be a race to watch being that Foster is a Washington establishment politician in an anti-establishment election cycle ( on both sides of the isle). Khouri does not look like a candidate that is going to run the stereotypical GOP campaign of the last two Foster opponents. This in itself could lead to some excitement in this race.