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John Greuling
President & CEO
Will County Center for Economic Development Receives Grant from the Three Rivers
Association of REALTORS
$15,000 Grant to Provide Seed Money for Will County Freight Mobility Study
Will County, Illinois (May 3, 2016) – The Will County Center for Economic Development (CED) has received a $15,000 Smart Growth Action Grant from the Three Rivers Association of REALTORS®. The grant will be used to develop a scope of work for a Will County Freight Mobility Study, to be completed later this year, and represents the highest funding level of the Smart Growth Action Grant Program.
“This grant gives us the seed money that will lead to completing the freight study,” explained John Greuling, President and CEO of the CED. “We need better information on freight movement in the county to plan for the future – the study will provide that.”
The funding was awarded locally by the Three Rivers Association of REALTORS®, through the National Association of REALTORS®’s Smart Growth Action Grant program, which supports a wide range of land-use related activities. The grant program was created to support REALTOR® engagement in land-use related issues with the primary goals of affecting public policies that support a more sustainable development paradigm, while raising the profile of REALTORS® as community leaders and enhancing REALTOR® relationships with elected officials. Smart Growth Grants approved at the highest funding level are made to support in-depth projects with multiple funding sources and partners, or to sustain a previously initiated effort that has been fruitful enough to warrant further investment.
“Local REALTORS® have a vested interest in supporting economic development and livable communities,” added David McClintock, CEO of the Three Rivers Association of REALTORS®. “Job growth should translate to homeownership growth. This grant in support of a Community Friendly Freight Plan supports the important work of the Will County CED to attract jobs to our market.”
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About the Three Rivers Association of REALTORS®
The Three Rivers Association of REALTORS® (TRAR) is a non-profit organization that serves more than 950 REALTOR® and Affiliate members. Three Rivers is affiliated with the Illinois Association of REALTORS® and the National Association of REALTORS®, and works to provide our members with the tools they need to remain successful. The purpose of the Three Rivers Association of REALTORS® is to enhance the ability and opportunity of its members to conduct their business successfully and ethically, and to promote the preservation of the right to own, transfer and use real property.
About Will County Freight Advisory Council
The Will County Freight Advisory Council was created by the CED in 2015 to provide a forum to discuss the growing logistics industry in the county, its impact on the regional and local transportation system and identification of infrastructure needs for the safe movement of freight.
About Will County Center for Economic Development
The Will County Center for Economic Development (CED) is a 501(c)6 not-for-profit organization, created by the business community in 1981. Governed by a 50-member board and managed by a professional staff, the CED is responsible for attracting and retaining jobs for Will County; other functions include municipal development, talent development, infrastructure development, coordination of political activity in support of County-wide economic development and infrastructure initiatives and raising awareness of Will County as an innovation location. The CED has spent 35 years fueling the growth of a vibrant and diversified economy within Will County. The CED is excited to celebrate its milestones while continuing to guide economic success in the years to come.
Media Contacts:
John Greuling
Gideon Blustein