Trump not in their secret society and answers to no one. He is a huge problem to the Establishment grip on power.
Never mind that the establishment party hacks and nattering nabobs had cheated and finagled and lied about and dissembled Ron Paul out of contention before finally banning him from a convention speech and pushing his delegates to the outer reaches of the convention – when it wasn’t pulling dirty tricks to keep them from even entering the arena. Real conservatives who saw the dirty tricks and who knew Romney equaled establishment Republican progressivism should have just “sucked it up” and “gotten over it” and pulled the Republican lever regardless – for the party.
Now those same nattering nabobs of #NeverTrump are promising to stay home – or worse (from the Republican Party’s point of view) – vote for the other party’s candidate so they can vote against Donald Trump.
Seems that to the nattering class, what’s good for the goose isn’t good for the gander. That’s because it’s not really about party to them. Nor is it about America first.
To the Republican nattering class and most of the establishment Republicans it’s about status quo and big government statism. There is nothing conservative about the GOP establishment and their enabling nattering class. They are war-loving, empire-building statists.
Trump is likewise a statist, but he’s a threat to their status quo because he’s not their statist. Hillary Clinton, though she’s a Democrat, is their statist because she represents the status quo. Like them, the witch from Chappaqua is a war-loving, empire-building statist. And statists gonna state.