No free will? Nonsense!


bathroom symbols“What has been is what will be, and what has been done is what will be done, and there is nothing new under the sun. Is there a thing of which it is said, ‘See, this is new’? It has been already in the ages before us.” Ecclesiastes 1:9-10 (ESV)
Without anyone taking notice, change agents distort key words in our language. This blurs, diminishes and distorts our thinking process to the great advantage of unseen authority. This process is so gradual as to be imperceptible.
Out of it evolves very sophisticated control, the purpose of which is plunder.
When our words are manipulated, our thoughts are manipulated into false realities and illusions. Consequently, our competitiveness and survival instincts are reduced in favor of dependence on government authority. We have seen in one generation the masculine neutered and the feminine reduced and the rise and mainstream promotion of the concept of “gender nonconforming.” Gender nonconforming was neither a mainstream phrase nor concept a generation ago.
Most people were not aware, because it was done gradually, that erasing traditional sexual norms began a number of years ago.  The subtle, almost imperceptible move includes the substitution of the word “gender” – a grammatical term – for the word sex – a biological term – as a distinguishing descriptor for male or female.
The effect is to program the mind. When one suffers from anorexia, she (odds are it’s a female) looks in the mirror and sees herself as fat. It doesn’t matter what reality is; whether she is normal weight or rail thin. That person creates an alternate reality in her mind. Anorexia is a mental disorder. One seeking to help that person shrug off this false sense of self would not reinforce that unreality by telling her she is fat. Rather, one would help her seek treatment for it so she could begin to recognize she is not fat and is destroying her health.
Likewise, one who looks in the mirror and sees himself or herself as opposite of his or her biological sex is creating an alternate reality. It is a mental disorder and should not be coddled or reinforced. Nor should anyone else be forced into accepting that person’s alternate reality as reality.
Lo and behold, in its June 2016 issue, the magazine The Atlantic reprises an old “study” and tells us that a concept once only considered in scientific circles is coming mainstream.
That concept is that there is no free will. The human brain is merely a chemical machine only subject to impulses or “neuron-firing” over which man has no control any more than he can control his heartbeat.
The 2002 study involved separating people into two groups and having one group read a passage telling them their actions will have no consequences and the other read a passage that is neutral on the topic of morality. After watching the first group behave immorally and unethically in a series of actions – for instance, taking more money from an envelope than they were instructed to take – researchers determined they had made some great discovery: When there are no consequences for their actions some people will do most anything.
This plays right into the hands of the moral relativists and secular humanists driving society today. If one cannot control his impulses – if there is no free will – then he cannot be held responsible for his actions and face their consequences. Ergo there are no consequences so man can do anything that pleases him.
This humanist philosophy – the notion that man is his own god and arbiter of what is right – is form of universalism. Universalism is socialism, communism and democracy in the political sphere.
Universalism trumpets perfect freedom… while resulting in total slavery. Universalism leads to superstitious and even barbaric beliefs and practices.
Once this philosophy takes hold, sodomite marriage, bigamy, polyamory, pedophilia and bestiality all become acceptable and the new “normal.” What was sin and perversion yesterday is now not only state-sanctioned but state-promoted.
The natural progression then is that they become codified into law.
These perversions are currently practiced in cultures in which normal, healthful God-sanctioned relations between men and women are obliterated by pagan religions (e.g., Islam, Satanism, secular humanism). They are anathema to the Christian family as established by God: one man and one woman married for life, with children.
Of course, the God-centered man recognizes the idea that there is no free will as nonsense. A compassionate God would not create a man who could not control his actions and then judge him for those actions.
The God-centered man recognizes a supreme authority who will judge all actions and that as a result of that judgment that there are consequences to those actions. So free will is God-given.
By erasing the notion of free will, the power elite seek to erase the notion of God. It’s part and parcel of their ongoing effort to force out and suppress – through intimidation and oppression – Christian beliefs in favor of the new secular system.
That’s because the Christian is an individualist and cannot consider himself part of the state collective. The Christian sees himself as a servant of God, not the state.

Politically correct = No free will

Those who propagate this system are the ones who would monopolize all power and wealth. They are always very careful to establish their governments as popular fronts. Sometimes they call them democracy, sometimes communism. People who pay no attention to words and semantics see them all as the same.
The word political means the total aggrandizement of the state. This means that if one is “politically correct” – the goal of notions like “gender nonconforming,” “non-binary” and “no free will” – then his every breath and utterance is toward the aggrandizement of the state or the government. We practice political correctness, and become its perfect agents.
Even most organized churches, when incorporated, are political corporations created for a political purpose, and that is the aggrandizement of the state and the political order. Under these churches we become “politically correct” but spiritually wrong.
The push to relieve you of any responsibility so that you will surrender whatever is asked of you — even your life — to the state is the foundation of the new secular system. It is supreme and total deception. It is completion of the tower of Babel. It is the conclusion and finished man without the spirit of Christ.
The politically correct man wants the external authority of government instead of the spirit and mind of Christ. However the Christian’s total allegiance is to the Living God. He will not sacrifice himself for the body politic.
Thus, he cannot be manipulated by the secularists because he knows that human liberty is of God, not a privilege of the state.