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Schilling School third graders kick off their poetry jam by singing “The Pages of a Book” to friends and family on May 26.

For Immediate Release:
May 26, 2016
Schilling School third graders delight parents with poetry jam

Students recite the poem “My Smartphone Isn’t Very Smart.”

Schilling School third graders staged a poetry jam May 26, combining music and poetry for friends and family.
“These kids have been working really hard,” music teacher Rebecca Worley told parents and grandparents as they gathered in the school gymnasium.

Students recite the poem “The Spaghetti Challenge.”

For several weeks, students in Julianne Day, Tasha Ohotzke and Brittany Tews’ third-grade classes have been learning about haikus, limericks and acrostic poems — poems where the first letters of each line spell out a word or phrase.
On May 26, they took turns reciting some of the poems they studied in class, including “I Tried to Do My Homework,” “My Smartphone Isn’t Very Smart” and “Dad is Making Dinner.”
They even read a few pieces they wrote themselves, including a touching poem that one student wrote about his mother.
“Did you know?” someone asked the subject of the poem. She quietly replied “no.”
Many of the poems that students recited were funny, including one about a “misbehaving robot” that never helps with homework or chores and “neglects to clean the floors.”
The poem, written by Kenn Nesbitt, concludes: “My robot must be broken. I’ll need to get another. Until that day, I have to say, I’m glad I have my mother.”
At the end of the poetry jam, students sang “See You Later” to their friends and family and wittily exclaimed: “It’s time for you to go. We wish it wasn’t so.”
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