We agree to let this happen with our silence
The President according to article 2 Section 2 of the Constitution does not have the authority to make LAW. Making laws is reserved to the Congress. Likewise Article 3 does not give the power to make law to the Supreme Court. Their job is to make sure a law, treaty, or act is Constitutional. The 10th Amendment says if it is not expressly written in the Constitution the States not the Federal Government have the right to decide what is best for their State.
Making a law from an interpretation of the civil rights act that fits the narrative of the Socialist President that ignores the Constitution he swore to preserve and protect is a disgrace. Too Bad the people we elected that control both the House and Senate don’t have the intestinal fortitude to force a vote to expose the elected officials that agree with this disturbing creature we call President Obama.
Trump is correct in saying it is up to the States to decide and it is a stupid issue that never would have passed in 1964 as part of the civil rights act.
We as citizens must stand up and say no more!!!!!!!!!!  Call your elected Officials and voice your opinion. My Opinion is to ignore the illegal interpretation and have each local taxing district join with the States that are suing the Federal  Government for this dangerous action that has at it roots a further destruction of the traditional family.
It is coming to a Locker Room, School, Government Building and Forest Preserve near you very soon. 

Cedra Crenshaw Posted on Facebook:
Obama cites Scripture to defend policy forcing schools to let boys in girls’ bathrooms. He claims he didn’t make this an issue, but he did. He quietly issued his “interpretation” of the law to every public school years ago on this issue. His recent public decree was issued in response to pushback in the form of lawsuits and the like. So Obama lies,… again. He cites the Golden Rule and his Christian faith, by the way I thought any mention of Chritianity is a no-no for liberals because of the so-called ‘separation of church and state’? But hypocrisy aside, he doesn’t cite the law, you know the statute, only his ‘interpretation’ of it. And according to Obama, the only way we can be kind to transgender students is to infringe upon the privacy and safety rights of the other 99.7% of students. Wow. A liar, a hypocrite, no law, and no he’s not a Christian. Obama is of his father the devil who is the father of the lie.

How many more women is Target going to allow to be victimized before they change their insane policy that puts women and young girls at risk?”