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June 6, 2016
Congratulations Homer Class of 2016

Homer School District 33C is just a memory now for nearly 400 young adults.
Close to 400 Homer Junior High School eighth graders filed across the stage June 3 to collect their diplomas from members of the Board of Education.

“Eighth grade graduation is an important milestone in the academic careers of our young adults,” said Principal Troy Mitchell.
“As with any graduating class, the emotions of sending our students to high school are bittersweet,” he added. “We send the Class of 2016 off fully prepared to succeed in high school and beyond, but are of course sad to see such a tremendous group of students leave our school.”
Valedictorian Grace Galfano compared the Class of 2016’s journey through school to that of a rollercoaster ride.
“There were ups and downs, and twists and turns we didn’t expect,” she said, “but overall, it was a great ride.”

Salutatorian Jessica Ramirez encouraged her classmates to continue their efforts to help their school, community and world become a better place by showing simple acts of kindness to others.
“Don’t be the one to stare at the student sitting alone at lunch,” she said. “Be the one to invite the student to eat at your table. Don’t be the one to make fun of the student who fails the math test; be the one to tutor that student. Work to be the one to make a difference.”

Student Council President Kenny Kriha spoke about the community service efforts that the Class of 2016 undertook this year, including a collection drive for military families and a fundraiser for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.
“I want you all to keep doing good deeds for our society,” he said. “Your present day impact can lead to future success. Your work affects all people around you — people you may not even know. Keep making the right choices. Spread the good vibrations and positive vibes acquired here at Homer Junior High.”
Before handing out diplomas, Assistant Principal Greg Zurales and Dean of Students Meagan Doornbos recognized students who had shown outstanding achievement in academics, music and athletics.
Afterward, the school’s eighth grade chorus, led by Director Diane Pullara, sang the touching song “For Good” from the musical Wicked.
“Each graduating class leaves a lasting impression on the staff of Homer Junior High,” said Mitchell, “and this year’s eighth graders are certainly no exception.”
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