From Post by Jim Orbin 6/10/2016
taxpayer sign
Homer Township’s budget hearing is on Monday evening. Budget hearings are required by law. It’s the most important statement that politicians will make on how they will govern over the next 12 months. Over the last 3 years, the meeting minutes indicate that Supervisor Meyers budget has been accepted by the Trustees with little debate. I am hoping that his year will be different.
I found some inconsistencies in the budget allocation for Homer Township Assessor’s Department, and I have sent a letter out to our Trustees to see if they will come forward with questions for the Supervisor and Assessor. Perhaps we will actually have some public debate on the budget this year.

Here is the text of the letter:
Dear Trustee,
I hope all is well with you. I was looking through the 2016-2017 budget for Homer Township and I had a question that I would like for you to consider at the budget meeting on Monday evening. The forward budget for the Assessor’s division seems to be quite high. The budget calls for $239,120 in salaries. The total budget including operating costs is for $456,333.
I took a look at the audited financials for FY 2015 and compared Homer Township to Lockport, Plainfield and New Lenox Township
Township Population EAV Salaries Total
Homer 39,059 $1.2 billion $237,277 $334,687
Lockport 59,954 $1.0 billion $180,857 $218,399
New Lenox 40,270 $1.2 billion $146,236 *$198,658
Plainfield 80,318 $1.5 billion $191,336 *$288,830
*Total INCLUDES employee health insurance, IMRF contribution and taxes
Can you ask Supervisor Meyers and Assessor Szynkowski why our actual expenses and budgets for the assessor’s department are higher than the neighboring townships in Will County? I am sure they are all working hard over there, but the other townships are able to deliver services at a much better cost per resident.
I have attached supporting documentation for your review.