trump sessionsAlabama Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions, a longtime critic of the Obama administration’s open-borders immigration policy, says the president’s practice of shipping thousands of illegal aliens to rural towns throughout the country is going to create big problems.
In an interview with the Washington Examiner’s Paul Bedard, Sessions called President Obama’s immigration amnesty policies “maddening” to average Americans.
“They feel like this is a dictator from Washington who will not listen to the people’s concerns and they are very concerned about it,” he said.

After denouncing Obama’s immigration policies for the past several years, the Alabama politician recently learned that the White House is planning to send more than 2000 illegal aliens to his home state.
“What’s happening in Alabama is happening this around the country and it is the result of idiotic policy cannot never work, that’s encouraging more people to come illegally, and then we treat them, we house them, we feed them for months, and we release them basically on bail and then they just go where they wanted to go to begin with,” he said.
Sessions, who’s serving as an advisor to the Donald Trump presidential campaign, says he hopes the next president will be strong enough to reverse Obama’s immigration damage and create a plan that wastes fewer taxpayer dollars.
“As long as you prolong this, the costs are incredible. Are we now going to build barracks and prison cells in Alabama? Hopefully with a strong president we won’t need it because people will stop coming,” said the senator.