5 years ago today I traveled with Charlie Kirk to the Fox News Studio in downtown Chicago.
Charlie was preparing for his big national TV moment with Neil Cavuto,  this was his first solo national TV interview.
And he blew everyone away!!!
See it right here:
Neil loved Charlie so much, he asked him to come on his Fox Business show just a few days later!
Watch it here:
From that moment on we knew Turning Point USA was going to be a big success. It wasn’t always easy, but piece by piece and step by step Turning Point USA became a national powerhouse.
Charlie has now been on national TV over 300 times and today – on Independence Day – he will be on Fox News with Neil Cavuto exactly 5 years later!
What Turning Point USA is doing gives me as a 77-year-old patriot hope for the future!
These are my favorite 10 pictures from the last few weeks. Turning Point USA continues to BLOW ME AWAY!

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Happy Independence Day, and thank you for your support of our movement.

Bill Montgomery
Senior Advisor
Turning Point USA