4 Signs It’s Time to replace your furnace…

old furnace

If your old furnace is dying call RCM for a quote today.

It’s hard to know when it is a good time to replace your furnace. Our technicians are skilled and experienced to know when it’s time for you to think about replacement! When that time comes for a lot of home owners we can fear cost, and also what the long term options with a new unit are! If you are deciding on whether to replace, here are 4 signs:

1.      Age: A typical unit is designed to last 15-20 years (with good maintenance). With age, comes less reliability and less efficiency. You will notice more breakdowns and worn out parts. Some repair costs can add up close to the cost of a new unit!

2.      Furnace Repairs: Notice an increase of parts wearing down and your furnace not working properly? Occasional wear and tear is normal; otherwise technicians should not be frequenting your home. These costs can eventually add up, hence our technicians recommending a replacement.

3.      Weird Noises: A rumble when the unit kicks on is normal when it is starting up. Clicking, popping, and banging are not noises you should be hearing. If heard in an older unit, it may be a sign it’s towards the end of its lifespan.

4.      Rising Costs: Increased heating bills aren’t just due to the cold. Sometimes this can be a sign of an inefficient unit. If your furnace is older and you’ve noticed an increase in your heating bills from the last few years, this could be a sure sign of furnace failure.

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