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Walmart Takes on Amazon and You Win
By Jason Williams
Amazon and Walmart are battling for dominance in the global retail market. But the real winners are investors in a little-known strategy that pays out no matter who takes the top spot…

David Goliath vs. Goliath

For years, Walmart sat atop the retail industry in the United States. But as Amazon.com grew its share of the online retail market, Walmart looked like it might fall by the wayside.

But the biggest retailer in the country wasn’t going down without a fight.

Walmart really started expanding its online presence a few years ago when it bought Jet.com for a little over $3 billion.

Since then, the company continued to step up its online business by buying brands and adding thousands of new items. It’s also been delving into grocery delivery and pickup options to combat the Amazon/Whole Foods acquisition.

And all that effort is really paying off big time…

During the latest quarter, Walmart saw its online sales revenue increase by 43%. That followed a 40% increase in the previous quarter and a 33% increase in the one before that.

That’s extreme growth from a company as massive as Walmart.

And it’s got Amazon more than a little worried.

Walmart’s message is clear: It has the power and the will to take on Amazon. And it’s got the clout to give the online giant a real run for its money.

And the Winner Is…

But the real winners in this battle aren’t going to be Walmart investors — even if the company wins. And they’re not going to be Amazon investors, either — even if Jeff Bezos comes out on top.

The real winners are a select group of investors who get to cash in no matter which of these retail giants is declared the victor.

You see, Amazon and Walmart are both massive companies. At a market capitalization of nearly $1 trillion, Amazon can add a billion dollars in value, and the stock will only go up 0.1%.

To get a 100% gain from Amazon, you’ll have to wait until the company is worth $2 trillion. And that’s yet to happen in the history of the world. I’m sure it will eventually, but not this year for sure.

Walmart isn’t quite as large, with a market cap around $300 billion. But it still has to add $3 billion in value for the stock to go up 1%.

That sounds like a lot of work just to add a few percent to your gains.

But a select group of investors will be collecting over $300 million in payments from Amazon and Walmart next month. And it’s all thanks to a secret loophole that allows them to funnel cash right out of these behemoths and into their own bank accounts.

“Prime Profits”

By now, you probably know that I co-author an investment advisory service here with my colleague and mentor, Briton Ryle.

Brit and I strive to find the best long-term investments for our community. And when we came across this amazing opportunity, we were excited, to say the least.

It’s the kind of thing that seems too good to be true. You don’t have to invest in Amazon or Walmart, but you get paid by both companies.

And you get paid a ton…

Thanks to this strategy, investors will get a total of nearly $1.5 billion in cash this year alone. And next year they’re going to collect even more.

That’s because, as these mega-retailers keep growing, so do the payments they’re forced to make to this group of investors.

And as Walmart takes the fight online, those payments are going to grow even faster. In order to do business online, these companies have to pay three times more than they would to only operate out of stores.

So every dollar Walmart would have paid these investors for its physical stores gets multiplied by three every time the company expands its online presence.

And that cash adds up to massive payments flooding investors’ bank accounts.

They’re so big and so steady that we’ve taken to calling them “Prime Profits” since so much of the money comes from people shopping on Amazon Prime.

But since a lot of the cash comes from Walmart, too, we might have to start calling them Wally Wampum or Sam’s Savings, depending on which retailer comes out victorious.

No matter what they’re called, though, they’re amazingly profitable. I’m talking the kind of money that literally changes your life.

Proof of Concept

In the medical world, proof of concept (POC) refers to a demonstration that shows certain theories have the potential for real-world application.

But POC can exist outside of testing new medicines. And I’d like to give you some POC for our Prime Profits right now.

The members of our investment community are already profiting. Some have already had their lives completely changed.

One member recently wrote in to tell us that thanks to our strategy, she’ll be retiring EARLY. Another, an ex-pat, sent a note to tell us he’s beating the market by leaps and bounds thanks to these investments. And he couldn’t be happier that he decided to join us.

But let’s talk about some real numbers here, too. Let’s see how much people just like you and me are taking home with the next round of Prime Profit payouts…

  • Gene R. will get a check for $18,900 next month. And he just cashed one for about the same amount at the end of October.
  • Eddie N. got paid over $50,000 last time Prime Profits hit. He’ll get another check for just as much next month, too. That’ll make over $200,000 he’s collected this year.
  • Bill Z. recently got started, so he’s still building those payments up, but he’ll still get a check for $5,500 right in time for Christmas shopping.

And those are just a few of the folks already banking major bucks from this little-known strategy. There are hundreds more success stories I could share, but I just don’t have the space.

The point should be clear, however…

You can invest in Amazon or Walmart. You can bet on who’ll win the battle. But in the end, you’re not going to see either stock shoot up. They’re just too big to rally like that anymore.

You might get a 50% gain on either. But you’ll have to wait a long time. And if you bet on the wrong company, those gains will likely never come.

Or, you can join this group of investors who get paid no matter who wins this retail cage match. And you’ll watch your savings balloon with every passing month.

To me, the choice is clear. I’ll take the money and avoid the risk of picking the wrong company.

Investing Today, Profiting Tomorrow

I hope you’ll join me, Brit, and hundreds of others collecting these life-changing Prime Profit payments.

We’ve put together a presentation detailing the opportunity and explaining how you can get in on the action, too. You can click here to watch.

But make sure you do it soon. The next payments are coming very soon. And you want to be one of the happy folks cashing that check.

Just think of the beauty: You can use Amazon’s and Walmart’s own cash to buy your family and friends presents from Amazon and Walmart.

Gotta love that irony…