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Steve Balich Conservative Activist

Mueller Was Forced To Admit Something In Court That No One Could Believe

#twill #tcot #GOP #conservative #Trump
Steve Balich Conservative Activist

From the American Patriot Daily

Robert Mueller Was Forced To Admit Something In Court That No One Could Believe


Robert Mueller was back in court.

Someone filed a legal challenge on his authority as special counsel.

And he was forced to admit something no one could believe.

Robert Mueller Responds To Legal Challenge To His Authority

Former Roger Stone aide Andrew Miller refused to testify before Mueller’s grand jury.

He claimed Mueller’s appointment was unconstitutional.

And he needed to skip testifying in order to mount a legal challenge.

Miller’s attorney argued that Rod Rosenstein’s appointment of Mueller was unconstitutional because, “Special Counsel Mueller was required to be appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate under the Appointments Clause as a principal officer. Nor does the designation affect Appellant’s alternative argument that Special Counsel Mueller was required to be appointed as an inferior officer under the Excepting Clause by the then “Head of the Department,” namely, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, rather than by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.”

His attorneys did address the fact that since Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker has replaced Sessions, he gets to take over running the Mueller probe instead of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

However, they argued this had no bearing on their case because it did not change the underlying facts that Mueller’s appointment violated the law.

Mueller has faced a number of challenges to his powers as special counsel.

So far he has won every one.

Robert Mueller Responds and Makes Shocking Admission

But the shocker came when Mueller’s team responded by admitting that Whitaker’s appointment did not alter any of Mueller’s authority.

Mueller prosecutor Michael R. Dreeben wrote, “Acting Attorney General Whitaker’s designation neither alters the Special Counsel’s authority to represent the United States nor raises any jurisdictional issue. The Special Counsel continues to exercise the same authority, and the jurisdiction of the district court and this Court is intact.”

Fake news reporters and many Democrats launched a smear campaign against Whitaker because they feared he would shut down the Mueller probe.

They attacked him for being a Bible believing Christian.

Some fake news reporters tried to tar him as a huckster and con artist who worked for scam companies.

Conspiracy theorists in the fake news media spread the word that Whitaker was a Trump plant installed at the DOJ to end the Mueller probe.

That did not happen.

And Trump told Fox News that Whitaker would not meddle in the probe.

That’s because Trump and Whitaker know two things.

First, that Mueller has nothing.

Trump did not collude with the Russians during the 2016 campaign.

Mueller failed to even fabricate testimony to frame Trump for Russian collusion.

In addition, Mueller has no obstruction of justice case.

Trump owns the authority to fire the FBI Director whenever he wants, for whatever reason he wants.

Trump did not order anyone to commit a crime in the course of the investigation.

Second of all, Trump and Whitaker know that if Whitaker moves in on Mueller, Trump’s enemies in Congress will impeach the President.

So they are willing to let Mueller finish his investigation because they know he has nothing on Trump.