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Steve Balich Conservative Activist


I guess the students couldn’t focus on their lesson even if they wanted to because their teacher stopped class to berate the hat-wearing student.

“You just need to be a bit cool, take your hat off, or get out,” the teacher pleaded.

The teacher seemed to be the most upset person in the room. I don’t think he’s cut out for the job if he’s going to make such a big deal out of a Trump hat.

“You’re putting me in a position where I’m either going to gather everyone up and go to another classroom, and you can remain here, like an a**hole, or you can take your hat off.”

“Don’t we have freedom of expression and freedom to education?” the student asked.

“I don’t care. You do not. You’re not an adult,” the teacher responded.

The student wouldn’t concede and the teacher gathered up the entire class to evacuate the classroom as if the MAGA hat was radioactive waste.

It’s sad that our tax dollars are being spent on whiny teachers who get triggered over Trump hats.

But as sad as it was, the teacher’s retreat was a win for the student. The whole incident showed just intellectually bankrupt the modern left actually is.